Coaching & Coffee Packages

I want to work with you where you are! Simply message me or sign up for my complimentary discovery call, and we will figure out the best deal for you!

*Coaching sessions CAN be done through an online video conference room that are accessible through phone or computer OR by meeting with me in person.



Get to Know You Session

3 (45 minute) coaching sessions

1 month


Assessments Included

Benefits: Taking those first steps to growth, Uncovering Awareness, and Achieving Short-term Goals



Get to Know You Session

9 (45 minute) coaching sessions

3 months 


Assessments Included

Benefits: Going beyond the first steps of growing, Discovering new Awarenesses, and Exploring new-found Confidence through goal setting, challenges, and accountability checks.

Extra Shot of Esp.jpg

Extra Shot of Espresso-

Get to Know You Session

18 (45 minute) coaching sessions

6 months 


Assessments Included

Benefits: In-depth Awareness & Vision setting, Setting and Maintaining Long-term Goals, and Increased Confidence in goal setting, challenges, accountability checks, and encouragement.