Why I Became a Life Coach

    This time last year I had just graduated college, I was preparing to get married, and in turn leaving Indiana to go live in Ohio with my soon-to-be hubby. I had no idea what my life was going to become. I believe whole-heartedly that God uses moments of unknown in our lives to stretch us in ways that we could never imagine. However, that belief is much more of a comfort AFTER we see how God stretched us. In the heavier moments of change and growth, you may discover some fears and insecurities. Even when we know the truth that God provides and He cares for us deeply, it can be a challenge to trust Him in times that we do not feel comfortable in. Satan pops into our ears and starts to whisper lies about how we may fail or it will never get better. Although I wanted to feel confident in how God would bring me through this season of unknown and insecurity, I mostly just felt STUCK.

    Exactly a week after Matthew and I got married, I got into a bad accident, totaled my car, and was now walking into our new marriage feeling paranoid, in pain, and dwelling on my insecurities. I felt alone in this new environment, with a man that (while he loved me so well) I was not comfortable living with yet. All of this change and newness in my life was overwhelming. Plus, I still had no clue what God wanted me to do in life. So I felt lonely, insecure, and worthless.

    After a couple months of struggling with these emotions, I was encouraged from a close friend that I would make a great life coach. Interestingly enough, I had considered looking into becoming a life coach prior to graduating college, but I dismissed it and then forgot about it all together. I brought this up to Matthew, and he was so encouraging about the idea. However, I was pretty quick to shut it down at first. I had just finished school, I wasn’t totally sure what a life coach was, and as many of you know, newlyweds are not the most financially stable groups of people out there. Plus, with Matthew in school full-time, I was the one working full-time. 

    But I couldn’t shake the idea. I knew how much I struggled in my periods of transition, in my newlywed relationship and not feeling confident, and my passion to help people feel loved and know their worth. So I applied to the Christian Coach Institute, and I got accepted four days later! Ironically, yet awesomely, we used the money provided through my accident to be able to afford this, and I immediately saw God’s grace and compassion in turning that bad situation into something beautiful. I found a deep joy in knowing that God was opening the door to this journey of growth. Through my training, I quickly learned how God could use those challenging times of transition, and the other major changes in my lifetime that I had experienced, to help other women in their times of feeling challenged or stuck. 

    Becoming a life coach means that I am able to love people by helping them to get to where they want to go through uncovering self-awareness, creating visions, and determining a strategy using their strengths and gifts. I believe that God creates us uniquely, for a unique purpose, and we are SOO worthy of uncovering those purposes. It is my passion and desire to empower women to achieve goals in areas that they would like to grow in, just as I learned the importance of seeing transition as yet another beautiful season of potential growth in their lives.


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