What is the Low FODMAP Lifestyle??

I have loved the feedback and connection I am gaining through sharing low FODMAP Recipes! However, I have also gotten a lot of questions about what exactly this diet is. So let’s break this down a little bit more for you, that way you know why and how I follow this lifestyle plan!

Those who struggle with digestive issues understand how difficult it can be to eat foods that don’t hurt, bloat, or cause you other issues inside your gut. FODMAPS are foods that are typically higher in fermentable carbs, which is something that can affect those especially with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Therefore, this diet was created to focus on foods that are low in those. So let me now break down the FODMAP fermentable carbs for you.


Oligosaccharides (Wheat, rye, legumes and various fruits and vegetables, such as garlic and onions)

Disaccharides (Lactose- Milk, yogurt and soft cheese.)

Monosaccharides (Fructose- Various fruit including figs and mangoes, and sweeteners such as honey and agave nectar.)


Polyols (Specific fruits, vegetables, and sweeteners).

These are very specific food groups within the fermentable carbs known as FODMAPs that tend to irritate the gut. IBS is treatable, however it is something that can still cause flareups even when treating. We often eat foods and do not know what is in it, or whether it could potentially flare up our gut. With the Low FODMAP Diet, it gives extremely specific foods to add to your shopping card, as well as those to avoid. It’s super easy now that this diet is becoming more well-known to just google lists or even Pinterest them!

And now for a little more about why I started, and how it’s helped me personally:

I was told two years ago that I needed to do this lifestyle plan, but honestly I just did not want to. I had struggled with an eating disorder since I was 12 years old. Focusing on my nutrition was not something that I had done, or really wanted to do. I enjoyed the control of how much I ate or did not eat. But that was part of what was hurting my gut more. I would go stretches where I wouldn’t eat, to times where I just binged whatever I wanted. My gut was being so abused by my desire to control my weight. When my panic attacks began to get so bad, and my stomach began to literally look six months pregnant from the bloating and pain, I knew it had to change. I was going to an annoying amount of doctors, worrying those close to me, and crying from pain all the time.

Enough was enough. I decided to stop controlling my weight, and start controlling my health and love for my body. I had IBS, Gastritis, and anxiety. I needed to focus on me. I started implementing the foods under the Low FODMAP plan, and noticing quickly how much knowing what my body could handle and NEEDED to handle improved my struggles. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t times where I still eat foods that aren’t Low FODMAP. But it does mean that since I primarily do, a super occasional cheat is much easier to digest because my body is already digesting food easier. So the Low FODMAP lifestyle is not for everyone, but it is for those who have serious issues with digestion and are ready to eat the foods that don’t hurt them!

If you are someone wanting to try this lifestyle out, and you don’t have a clue where to start, message me! I would LOVE to help you out! Also be sure to subscribe to my blog to see my latest Low FODMAP recipes!