empowering women in their relationships with others, God, and themselves!

Hello Beautiful lady! My name is Millie Spallinger, and

I am a certified Professional Life Coach.


About Me


I am a quiet, gentle soul with a heart to make everyone feel loved and worthy. I believe that we were all created for a purpose, and I desire to help women find theirs.

I am originally from Fort Wayne, IN and currently living in Hilliard, OH. In 2017, I graduated with my bachelors from Grace College in Educational Ministries with a focus on Childhood Development.

Then I married my sweet husband in July of that year, and began my journey into becoming a life coach in 2018, trained and certified through The Christian Coach Institute. The heart of a life coach desires to empower others to get from where they are to where they want to go, and I knew that my heart wanted to help the hearts of women who were struggling in their personal lives.

My passion as a life coach is to work with women who are challenged by a specific relationship in their life, struggling with who they are in Christ, or seeking to grow more in self-love. Along with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, I empower women to grow deeper, more intentional relationships with God, others, and self so they can live confidently and full of joy. If you are seeking help, desiring to be heard, and longing to feel loved, then let's chat and see how I can help you personally. 


One-on-one life Coaching

Wherever you are at in life, you are capable of moving forward. Confidence starts with action!

  • Insecure?

  • Lacking in joy?

  • Feeling stuck and unsure what your purpose is?

    Your insecurities affect you and everyone in your life. If you are in a transition period or struggling with what you want out of life, your relationships, or your spiritual walk, then you are in the right place. It is my desire to make you feel HEARD, SAFE, and LOVED.

Are you ready to make the choice and take the steps to find your confidence, your passions, and joy in your personal life and relationships with others?!

It is my desire as a life coach to work with you where you are currently, and see where you would like to go and grow. Sign up for a free discovery call to chat about how a coaching relationship could benefit you!

*Coaching sessions CAN be done through an online video conference room that are accessible through phone or computer OR by meeting with me in person.



After every coaching session with Millie, I left feeling heard, encouraged, and empowered. Millie listens well, pays attention to her clients, and never lets you give up on yourself. It was a big deal to me that she was willing to incorporate my faith throughout the process as well. I have come to understand my strengths and struggles, achieved old and new goals, and felt more confident in the person I am becoming through coaching with Millie. For anyone feeling stuck, struggling to achieve their goals (no matter how big or small), or wanting to conquer their fears and insecurities, grab a cup of coffee (or, in my case, your hastily made dinner) and get ready to be empowered by coaching with Millie.
— Macie (VA)
Millie is a breath of fresh air! Her style of coaching is so warm and a safe haven for anyone who is seeking a coach for the special relational needs of women. Her passions for women is phenomenal! Pick up a cup of coffee and spend some time with Millie- you’ll have a joyous time!
— Bridget (NY)
Millie is gifting in the art of allowing others to be heard. The questions she asks allows someone to think differently about their circumstances in a gracious but challenging way. I am thankful for her time and the investment she made in pushing me to be a better me!
— Laura (GA)